Legend of Xiao Long Bao

Take a step back to imperial China and marvel at its opulence and majesty, just like a page out of a history book, Paradise Dynasty captures the finer points of bygone eras in contemporary style.
Certainly, a feast of the senses of such magnitude would not be complete without a fest for the palate. Paradise Dynasty is set to delight with both northern and southern Chinese cuisine, with an innovative touch. Delve into the legend of Paradise’s Xiao Long Bao as we pay tribute to this time-honored delicacy with eight types of fusion Xiao Long Bao. Touted as a World-First, our Xiao Long Bao comes in never-before, innovative flavours like crab roe, cheese, garlic, korean kimchi, Szechuan and the kings among kings - foie gras and black truffle.
Be awed by the experience, the refreshing take on delicacies and the dragon’s impeccable presence at Paradise Dynasty. Never judge a book by its cover, for Paradise Dynasty promises to couple great food with great value in a grand alluring ambiance.

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